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Management changed the price on Halloween to $10, sorry, but it's still less than most bars cover charge! (Still only $9 on Oct 30th)

Ladies and Gentlemen* in their Underwear for only $10!

*using a broad definitions of ladies and gentlemen
tigger happy

coming for a visit!

I'm not sure how many of you will remember me, but I used to hang out with cast when Squeak was a regular. I'm now part of the Transylvanian Concubines in Fairfax, VA. My husband and I are coming out to Southern California for a vacation/belated honeymoon, and we're going to be stopping by on Friday, Sept. 18th to see the show. It's been two years since we've seen the show, and look forward to it!

See y'all then!


Flyer, flyer, flyer!

Are you interested in hanging out with cast and helping promote Rocky Horror in San Diego? July is a big month for us, so we're inviting you to join us in some flyering.

We're looking for a few people willing to walk the Gay Pride parade with us on July 18th, and to help us flyer outside of Comic Con on Wednesday the 22nd and Thursday the 23rd. Bonus points if you have a cast t-shirt.

Reply here with your availablity. We have a few 2-1 passes to our Comic Con show to give out to thank people for their help.

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Join us again for a Comic Con tradition. Just a few blocks away from the convention center at Horton Plaza San Diego's Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, Crazed Imaginations will be strutting their fishnet stuff for your pleasure. Scream along with us as we follow the story of Janet Weiss and Brad Majors, just your typical boy meets girl meets transvestites and aliens. Tickets are $10, and will soon be available for preorder through the Lyceum Theater or save the fees just pick 'em up at the theater when you get into town.

We'll be opening the lobby around 11pm, and playing some games before it all starts. Doors will open before midnight where you'll be entertained by our good friends of the comedy show The House before we get the show started. Participate in the lingerie/costume contest for fabulous prizes* or just show up and enjoy fishnets and sequins and of course, underwear!

*prizes not nearly as fabulous as Masquerade, but at least you can watch this contest in person!

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July 31st is a Fifth Friday theme night!
Whenever our show falls on the fifth Friday, we let our audience make suggestions as to what our theme is that night!
Most recently was our Carnival night. :] In the past we've done 80's cartoon night, 50's night, comic book night, etc.

You can Submit your suggestions on our forums at our website, or just reply here. Once we have a list, we'll put up a poll so you can vote.

Be creative! We'd love to hear what you have to say!