Amy (lizetta) wrote in ci_rhps,

Raffle for my final show 3/19- this Friday!

Ok, I promised you a raffle, and here it is. You need not be present to win. Use the paypal button to donate to the cause, and I'll give you raffle tickets. $1 for 1, and $15 for 20. What do you win? Since I've spent the last decade telling people what to do on Friday nights, you get to tell me what to do.
We'll draw 6 winners, and over the next six months, I'll let a winner pick an activity for me to do on a Friday night.

You can invite yourself over for dinner, you can tell me to go to the movies or to do something totally out of my comfort zone. Or have me make cookies and mail them to troops.

Three restrictions

1. It cannot go against my moral code. Stop laughing, I have one! I'm not going to go eat meat, or kick puppies.

2. It has to be economically feasible. I can't fly back to Michigan to hang out with you, as much as I would love to.

3. I'm not offering to be your maid. But babysitting is an option.

Go the the website for the paypal button.
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