Amy (lizetta) wrote in ci_rhps,

Still want more after Halloween? Rocky Horror is the place to go!

Are you experiencing Post-Halloween blues? Feel the need to dress up and show off your creative abilities, but don’t think there is a venue for it? Riding that high from Halloween and don’t feel like having it end? Not sure what to do on a Friday night? Well, have we got your problems solved! At Crazed Imaginations, San Diego’s Rocky Horror Picture Show, we aim to fill that void that is in your freakish heart. Not only do we perform every Friday night at midnight at the historic La Paloma Theatre, but every 2nd Friday of the month is Lingerie Night, where you the audience get to prance around in your underwear and win fabulous prizes.

And this month’s Lingerie Night is particularly special, as it is Friday the 13th! Friday the 13th’s are special at Crazed Imaginations because it is the day that people let their inner freak out, and we here at Rocky Horror are happy to give people the venue. What better way to celebrate these spookiest of days with a couple hundred people in a crowded theatre, most wearing nothing but their underwear, and actually encouraged to yell things at the movie? Oh, how about if it only costs $9. That’s right, only $9! That’s cheaper than going to see a movie, and where else do you get a total interactive experience?

Haven’t see The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Well, it is a totally unique experience. Come see why this movie has been a cult phenomenon for almost 35 years! Check us out at and come do the Time Warp again!

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