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12 December 2009 @ 04:04 pm
Fifth Friday!  
All right kids we have mentioned the fifth Friday show several times over the last couple of weeks and now its time for all you audience to tell us what you want to see on stage. So here's the place for you all to put your recommendations for the theme of our fifth Friday show of January the 29th. Just to give you all an idea here are some themes we have tackled in the past: 50's night, Saturday morning cartoons, Comic book night, a Drunk cast, and Dead Celebrities Night.

So let your voice be heard and let us know what you want to see. And we will be announcing the winner at the January Lingerie night show. Plus be sure to check back on the website to see which shows get thrown up and your chance to vote on what we do.

Either reply here or at the website www.crazedimaginations.net